Graphic Designing Competition Winners 🎉

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 🙏

I'm super excited to announce the winners of the Graphic Design Competition. 🏆

We got a total of 300+ design entries, which was way more than what we expected. We got submissions on all the Social Media platforms, and the contestants even flooded my DMs and emails. Love you all. 😘

We made sure that no entry is missed by us and we dug into all the notifications, hashtags, and keywords to collect each and every design entry for the competition.

The main challenge for the judges was to decide the winners keeping in mind that the competition was open for everyone(designers+non-designers). We had to keep in mind a balance of design + creativity + relevance when we were evaluating.

Finally after a lot of iterations, here is the list of the 5 winners of the competition.

Winners 🎉

Congratulations to each one of you! 🎉

As promised before the competition, I have the following prizes for you:

  • A free t-shirt from the official merch
  • A shoutout on LinkedIn and endorsement on your profile
  • Amazon Gift voucher
  • I'll take you out for Dinner!

Special Mentions

Selecting just 5 winners out of so many entries was very very very tough for us. I also want to give a huge shoutout to the following people for their awesome designs. I personally loved them all.

  • Sudhanshu Ranjan
  • Alok Pandey
  • Sahil Pabale
  • Aditi Jha
  • Rekha Kumari
  • Suraj Roy
  • Debasish Panda
  • Code Blitz
  • Vibhuti Singh
  • Atharva Shirdhankar
  • Lakshay Thakur
  • Mahima S
  • Sanket Kad
  • Muskan Goyal
  • Rishi Ratan Mishra

For all the special-mention people, I will make sure to get a special discount. I will talk to our merch partner and see what's the best possible discount we can offer. 💜

Some of the designs were so good that we are also thinking to have posters and stickers out of them. Thank you so much for all your lovely ideas!

How to claim the prizes

Keep calm and wait for my message. 😇
I will soon reach out to all the winners as well as the special mentions personally to discuss further details! 💜

For all Participants

I would like to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. I was so happy to see the love and enthusiasm you showed for the competition.

I saw people who have never made any design in their life also participated. It made me so happy to see such a diverse crowd participating with all levels of experience.

You all made my Teacher's Day 2021 a great lifetime memory. Love you all. 😘

What's next

So these were not the final designs that will be printed on the merch. I will be working with the designers to make official high-quality designs out of our ideas. Once the designs are finalized, I will be working with the merch partner to soon get our online merch store live. 🤩

Stay connected with me on LinkedIn, Insta, Twitter & YouTube, and wish me success for this new project. It is not possible without your support. 🙇🏻

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi once again. May Lord Bless us all. 🙏

Akshay Saini

PS. We will be soon taking pre-orders on Insta, stay connected- @akshaymarch7

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