Must Read before your next Online Interview ✅

Must Read before your next Online Interview ✅

Just before your next Online Interview:

  1. Keep a pen and paper ready, you never know 📝
  2. Keep a water bottle with you 🍼
  3. Put your phone on silent 📳
  4. Keep your laptop on charging 🔋
  5. Use an external mic/earphone 🎧

  6. Close ALL unnecessary browser tabs,
    keep ONLY interview-related open 😬

  7. Keep your phone's hotspot on, you never know 📶

  8. Tell everyone at your home that you've a meeting 🙂
  9. Login 5 minutes before (very important) ✅

  10. Speak out loud a few Tongue-Twisters,
    it's a great speaking exercise for clear speech 😇

  11. Keep the video ON, it's highly underrated.
    It adds an extra level to your communication (very important) 😍

  12. Get a smile on the face, a BIG one, 😁
    the brain releases endorphins which help you set the mood 😉

  13. Close your eyes, take a very very very deep breath 😌

  14. As soon as you open your eyes,
    100% undivided attention on the call,
    100% undivided focus 🔥

  15. As soon as the interviewer joins,
    make the FIRST MOVE, 🔥
    greet him, "Hi Akshay, Good Morning!",
    with a BIG smile on your face. 😊

And, Smile is contagious 🤷🏽‍♂️
The interviewer will 100% smile back & greet you too 😇

So now you're friends 😅
All the nervousness is gone,
and trust me,
you'll feel very very comfortable! 💚

Trust me,

Interviews are not as scary as we visualize them in our head 🤷🏽‍♂️

Akshay Saini

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